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✔ You are sick and tired of living on an emotional rollercoaster.

✔ You want to break free of overwhelm & anxiety.

✔ You're so ready to feel confident & empowered.

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Monthly Hang Out: A safe space to spend time with your community- celebrating your WINS, sharing life & your struggles too.

Monthly Q & A for Parents:
Tools & tips to support your child in their growth journey.

The Gut Brain Connection: a bonus workshop diving into hidden foods & factors that impact emotions.

Bonus One

The Bonuses

✔ [Lifetime Access] 4-Phase Training Course Road-Map: 
12 weekly lessons, tools & real life application principles to become Unstoppable.

[3 Months of Weekly Group Coaching Calls]:
direct access to Tessa as you begin the journey to becoming Unstoppable with others hungry for growth & transformation.

[Lifetime Access} the Unbreakable Student Blueprint:
the official workbook & guide to becoming Unbreakable

[VIP ACCESS to Discord Community]: Accountability & Action challenges happen here.

[3 ] Group "Monthly hang out" Socials:
These are low-key community building group socials. Less coaching & more going deeper with one another as you build your futures together.

Our TIME Together
Will Include:

Tools for overwhelmed students to become emotionally empowered, connected and purpose driven young adults.


Bonus Two

Bonus Three

+ Bonus Calls with Special Guest Leaders & Professionals!

Investigating my language

The cost of personal approval

When the past creeps in

Harnessing the power of ME

Feel it to Heal it

My greatest Ally

Owning my Choice & my Future

Turning down the inner critic

Unpacking the Emotional Overwhelm

Releasing the "shoulds" & "ought tos"

Uncover Your Desire & Dreams


Who or What is running my life?

A future worth having

Uncovering my dreams & desires.

Learning to feel so I can heal.


Unpack the Overwhelm

What You'll Learn 

Unlock Your Power


Unleash Your Unstoppable


(High School Senior)

In just 3 sessions, I have learned to see things in a more positive, self-loving way. 

I never realized how much coaching would help my every day habits until now.
I would recommend coaching for all teens! 
I’ve learned how to put myself first (the right way) and to understand myself and others in a new light! 

I would recommend coaching for all teens!

(Teacher & Parent)

I've been in & out of therapy for 15 years and have NEVER seen so much change in myself & my ways of thinking as I have in 2 months of working with Tessa! 

I've experienced a dynamic shift in my confidence & ability to face the hard emotions as I work to heal past hurts & become the mom, wife & woman I desire to be.

More Growth in 2 Months with Tessa than my previous 15 years of therapy!

(College Senior)

When I feel Anxious or Stressed,
Rather than PANIC
I now have a SAFETY KIT
of tools to guide me in knowing what I need to break the negative cycle of emotions.

Our conversations were  
eye opening and healing
I'm grateful for the healing I experienced thanks to you teaching me to be WITH my emotions rather than AVOID them.

I No Longer Have Panic Attacks

I don't remember anything I read on a pdf 2 years ago- I don't even remember what games I was playing.

However, I do remember the reading provided & continue to use the tools I learned to interrupt negative thought patterns & be in control of my anxiety. 

2 years later & I still use the tools Tessa taught me.

Dr. Joni Ricketts
(teenage daughter)

"She has a light in her eyes that I recall from years past.

So thankful to feel JOY in the heart of my FEISTY lil snagged tooth baby girl again!

You are very special. SO thankful!" 

Joy Returned to her Eyes!

Reviews from Clients

(College Graduate)

I no longer have
panic attacks